StoneFest 2013 Schedule

StoneFest 2013

Daily Schedule*


Monday, May 20
9:00-11:00 Registration begins at Marenakos and continues throughout the morning

Set-up your work area and get acquainted with your “StoneFest Campus”

Remember to bring workbenches or bankers and tents for rain or shine work. There is lots of under-cover area in fabrication building, but carvers should plan on bringing a portable workstation or some extra dunnage for setting your stone if you plan on working on a larger project. We will assist out of town participants in getting set up at this time as well. Instructors Jon DeCelles & Nick Fairplay, will help get you started in the right direction. You will be assigned a mentor if desired to be your primary point person, depending on your needs and interests. This is a good opportunity to exchange your goals for the week with the instructors in order for us to assist you getting there.
Carvers Select and/or purchase stone:  (there is some limestone available that is donated) or plan on working on the group arch, where cut stone will be provided. (see 2013 projects on website) Masons: bring your tools or plan for buying new ones! There is a very limited number of loaner tools and they need to circulate.
11:00 Safety talk and basic orientation
12:00 Lunch
1:00-3:00 Tool basics for all groups will be covered in this time.
Begin layout of group projects- designate carvers who are participating in the Arch project, Letter Cutters on group project & various dry stone projects
3:00-5:00 PM Welcome! Opening of the Fest! StoneFest 2013 Individual & Team presentations and project descriptions.
5:00 PM Kick off the week with a gathering of the clan. Refreshments & snacks will be offered. continue the party at Issaquah Brew Pub.
Tuesday, May 21
8:00 AM Coffee On!
9:00-12:00 Begin all tracts! There is much focus on tools on Tuesday to make sure basics are covered from the start!

Masons: set out, sort into groups of beginning, intermediate and advanced and get started with Patrick, Russ & Cameron (dry stone projects) and Mike (who will be working with mortar).
Tools:  Randy Potter assists in round robin style, all trades
Lettering: Karin & Tracy will introduce tool basics and group project opportunities to those interested in lettering.
Architectural carving:   Nick fairplay & Keith Phillips will contribute to discussions and progress of the arch.
general stone carving & hard stone: Those who choose to work on their own stone vs. a portrait for the arch, or those working with Candyce on hard stone will set up accordingly.
10:00-11:00 Candyce Garrett- Artist’s Profile presentation, entry into Sculpture in Granite & the School of Hard Rocks!
12:00 Lunch
1:00-4:00 School of Hard Rocks- Candyce Garrett- Part I
Opportunity to talk tools with Randy on a one-on-one basis, all trades
Dry-stone masons will be working on the various drystone projects in “The Village” with instructors.
Arch & Lettering projects continue
construction of water feature structure begins, and will continue throughout the week.
5:00 Experience The Hearth Effect! We all know we are drawn in when there is deep conversation surrounding a fire. Step into the compassionate process and peek at a day-in-the-life regime of Karin Sprague & Tracy Mahaffey in a shared fireside chat. From Purpose to Process, they will share a little more on what makes up a life as they know it in Rhode Island creating sacred & unique memorials, gravestones and signifiers.
Evening  Recommended Location: Issaquah Brew Pub with new friends & old.
Wednesday, May 22 
8:00 AM Coffee on! Get set up for your day!
8:30 Morning gathering- all
9:00-12:00 Pools, Ponds and Puddles Water Features with Scott Hackney and guests
All Projects continue in each discipline.
Talks and demo’s will occur casually within each field throughout day.
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-4:00 School of Hard Rocks, Candyce Garrett- Part II
Arch building workshop w/ Pat McAfee
Scout Visit- focus on sculpture & Arch’s for 2013.Today’s scouts may be future StoneFest participants & instructors!
Projects/workshops continue in all other disciplines
4:00 Architects Forum & Talk: Guest Speaker – Michael Garrison, University of Texas, Austin . An Architectural Forum for all participants and visiting architects to attend, connect, & share. See 2013 projects on for more details on this exciting contribution to StoneFest!Followed by a happy hour and social networking opportunity. Free to attend after 3 pm for Architects, Landscape Architects and Designers.
Thursday, May 23
8:00 AM Coffee On!
8:30 Morning Gathering
9:00-12:00 All Projects continue in each discipline. talks and demo’s will occur within each field, each day.
Ponds, Pools and Puddles- continue discussion on building water features with Scott Hackney & guests.
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00 TOOL TALK maintenance & repair- sharpening do’s and dont’s demo-Randy Potter, Trow and Holden Company
2:00-4:30 All projects continue: Carvers aim for completion of portraits for arch.
4:30 Clean Up
5:00 Presentation: “Stone: The Inextricable Voice of the Irish Landscape”
Evening Stone FEAST    Plan on staying (or quickly returning) for Dinner and music at Marenakos with inevitable festivities!  Thursday Dinner is included in Registration Fee for full time participants. To accommodate catering for  Single Day participants  and other guests,  you must note on your registration form or advise us in advance (By May 12) to make a reservation for yourself or additional guests .
Friday, May 24
8:30 AM Coffee ON! Morning Gathering
9:00-12:00 Morning presentation TBA

Masons : Arch Project to be assembled/laid out
Carvers : Keep the chips flying and continue carving on personal projects!
12:00 Lunch
1:00-3:00 All Projects continue-goal is to have Romanesque portrait arch laid out or dry set by 4pm!!
Finalization of tool & stone sales, shipping arrangements made.
All accounts settled by 3 pm.
4:00 Closing gathering and brief discussion as whole group.
*Program as of 4/22/2013, which will be updated as program develops
Dinner and evening gatherings are recommended, but are not sponsored by Marenakos as part of StoneFest, with Thursday evening as the exception. Changes in schedule may occur to best suit the needs of the event or unforeseen circumstances. Refunds will not be granted due to program changes, instructor substitutes, or participants’ schedule conflicts. The ’Fest is on rain or shine! Emergency situations are always considered.