About StoneFest

StoneFest came to be after Scott Hackney (partner of Marenakos Rock Center), Alexandra Morosco (sculptor, and Trow & Holden Field Representative at the time) and Randy Potter (Trow and Holden Tool Co.) had a short tool demo day at Marenakos. It was such a great experience they visualized bringing together carvers and masons and working together for several days. As director, Morosco planned a four day event in 2004 through the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association that was a total success! Sculptors were exposed to the vibrant stone mason, Bobby Watt and learned about function, gravity and basic building principals. Masons got to blow off all their corners and make a square stone round or curvy! They had so much fun, It was clear this needed to happen again!

DSC_0093Marenakos Rock Center adopted the role of sponsoring this most extraordinary event in the Pacific Northwest and called it StoneFest. StoneFest is now the annual gathering for those who simply LOVE STONE. This educational venue offers something that is a unique experience for the stonemason, the carver, architect, landscape designer, or simply those who simply want to further their connection with stone. Each year we gather a stellar panel of professionals from the natural stone industry to create hands-on learning projects, presentations, demonstrations, audio/visual talks and discussion forums. Since Pat teaching2005, StoneFest has grown to average 80-100 participants that come from Seattle to Singapore, or Duvall to Dublin…

Participating in StoneFest is a way to further your connection with stone while working aside some of the most extraordinary stewards of stone alive today, bridging the trades with both new and ancient perspectives.


In a five-day educational gamut we explore:
• Building with Stone, using mortar & dry stack methods
• Sculptural and Architectural Carving
• Traditional Lettering
• Mortar: myth and methodology
• Tools of the Trade, and Tools to grow your business, and networking within a global community built upon stone.


photos: “Where Sculptors and Masons Meet” A retreat sponsored by the NWSSA in 2004 directed by Alexandra Morosco was the early vision of bringing the stone trades together. above: Rick Johnson, sculptor and Terry Wean, mason.