StoneFest FAQ


The following should answer most questions that you may have, if you create more on your own that are not addressed here, please make up your own answers… but do contact us and let us know what they are!! We will accommodate everyone as best as we possibly can, have a great time working aside stellar trades people inheriting knowledge from one another along the way. Please do contact us if you have further questions or individual situations that may need assist.


Marenakos Rock Center
30250 S.E. High Point Way, Preston (Issaquah) WA 98050 phone: (425) 392-3313
Take Exit 22 off the I-90, turn north off exit over freeway, to stop sign.
Take a left at the stop sign, and an immediate right at our driveway.
Contact: Alexandra Morosco 360.579.2591

What time does StoneFest start/end?

Monday Our first day we encourage you to arrive between early between 8:oo am and 10:00 am to complete registration, set up, get oriented to your StoneFest campus, stroll through the stone yard and meet our team of instructors and presenters. Lunch is at noon daily. At 3pm we will have a welcome presentation, snacks and happy hour afterwards to meet and greet. Please plan on attending this portion of the event, it will lay the ground as to what you are about to embark upon, create understanding of various projects and is your opportunity to see some of the work and projects of the various instructors.  TUESDAY through FRIDAY we will begin our days at 8:00 a.m. The stone yard regularly opens at 7:30 a.m. Coffee will be on and waiting! See 2014 Schedule.

We wrap up by about 5 pm daily. check the daily schedule for evening events,which are posted as the program develops. These are casually attended and not sponsored events by Marenakos Rock Center. We do however recommend a given location or event each night so that there is a common place to gather if you want to continue talking rock and sharing a meal with new friends and old.

StoneFEAST! Thursday Night Please plan on attending our annual StoneFEAST! Thursday evening is unique in that we have a tradition of having a special dinner and random acts of entertainment that all participants are invited to attend. For catering purposes we need a headcount, which we need to have submitted with your registration. Don’t miss this very special evening! This is a free event for Full Time Participants, but we still need an RSVP. For daily rate participants, the dinner is $30.00 per person. This also extends to guests or family of Full Time participants. Please make sure you note this on your registration, otherwise we will assume you are NOT planning on attending the dinner, and we will miss you!

What do I need to bring?

Everything you know.Mostly, bring a big spirit and lots of ambition! Bring your favorites, BRING YOUR TOOLS! Masonry tools, carving tools…. benches, bankers, trowels, squares, measuring tapes, red pencils, stools or fold up outdoor chairs for breaks, talks or lunch outdoors if you choose are good to have. Layered clothes for sure.  If you have a canopy or tent- please bring it- rain or shine- it will probably be used. Power tools are ok, but we try to limit the amount of grinding just for grinding sake… We strongly urge carvers to be carvers, not grinders. Remember to bring safety glasses, respirators etc, although we will have them available for sale as well. There will be limited Trow and Holden tools onsite for demonstration but both masonry and carving tools will be available for purchase.

What should I leave home?

Everything you know. Also, please leave your dog,ego; cat, yak, and flask home. No matter your experience, remember we are all beginners in some ways with a lot to offer in a multitude of ways. Pets and children are dear to us all… and they will be glad to see you when you come home! The workshop environment is not a conducive place for kids, pets or alcoholic beverages. Thank you for understanding and respecting this policy.

Will I work on site?

We hope! You are welcome to come and set, chip, pitch, point, mud, mortar and carve to be a part of an amazing learning and building process. If you prefer to learn from the sidelines, that will be welcome too, but not nearly as much fun. Stone carvers will have stone onsite and available to carve, through generous donation of Marenakos Rock Center and several limestone quarries as noted on our COMMUNITY page. Work that emerges during an event is dynamic and exciting to see the initial unfoldings, so plan on starting into something new- removing 30% of your stone on day 1!!! Challenge yourself to create in a few days, but also come and learn through watching and studying other areas of the stone trades.

What will I do?

Expand! Learn something new each day and become part of a community for your future road ahead…. “When we build, let us remember that we build forever…” (Ruskin) Both carvers and masons will have a chance to work side by side some amazing talents in their given field. The masonry project will take focused energy and efficiency working aside our StoneFest Team. Stone Carvers, will have 1-2 short talks a day and will also share time on an individual consultation basis. Lettering?? Architectural carving?? The lettering and architectural carving team will bring sharpness of tools, wit and energy to this exquisite age-old craft, and will be guiding any of those who are interested in the fine art of lettering. This is information that simply cannot be found most anywhere throughout the country today and is not to be missed. All participants can check in at any of the stations, we often see a great cross-pollination of the trades- this is welcome.

Do I need previous experience to work on a project?

NO! We love and embrace new comers! Come without hesitation and by the end of the week, you will never have “no experience” working with stone again!

Who else will be there?

In addition to the stellar people listed in the brochure there will also be your hosts Scott Hackney, owner/partner of Marenakos Rock Center and Alexandra Morosco, Sculptor, Morosco Fine Arts and many of the Marenakos team in and out throughout the whole event assisting and learning right with you. Fellow participants will include stone carvers, stone masons, wallers, architects, landscape designers, or those who simply love stone and want to learn how to work with it more!

I am a stone carver; can I plan on carving?

YES!! The fabrication shop and surrounding area will accommodate the carvers and letter cutting easels, so we will have room for carvers to set up workbenches and do carving on site. Carving stone will be available on site for sale, select limestone that is donated will be FREE to participants. We recommend more hand and pneumatics tools and will limit the use of grinders due to dust and noise. Please bring your own workbench if possible, airlines and extension cords as needed. If traveling from out of town- make note on form of your needs and we will make sure you are set up with workbench, etc.

I am a professional mason, where do I fit?

Those who have been setting stone for years are usually surprised how much they come away with themselves. In addition to your own learning, you will assist others in the process. Our hand selected team of professionals will be working hard at organizing an ambitious project for a five day period, so we will welcome those with existing knowledge and resources to assist in sharing “The Inheritance of Stone” and inevitably learn something themselves. Additionally- the networking, camaraderie and connections within the industry is unsurpassed. You may connect with a new addition to your company team or come onto your next project.

Can you recommend some places in the area to eat? Will there be lunch on site?

We will have a catered lunch daily Monday-Friday served around noon. Water, coffee, tea etc will be available throughout the day. We have an “alternative meal” option for lunch upon request, which will be  vegan,dairy and and gluten free. If you have a special diet that is beyond that, please come prepared to assure your own health and comfort. Bring extra snacks as you need. Breakfast and dinner is not included in your registration fee, with the exception of StoneFEAST-Thursday night. There are many great restaurants nearby in Issaquah for dinner, we will have a few chosen for meeting places each night which will be published during the event.

Where do I park my rig?

When you arrive, please register and sign in first. Unload your tools, etc at the fabrication shop, and then re-park along the frontage road. Watch for signage. After you’re all squared away, set up your space, which leaves ample parking for others.

Accommodations: Where to stay? click here


Alexandra Morosco, StoneFest Director phone: (360) 579-2591


Marenakos Rock Center phone: (425) 392-3313