About Sponsorship

It Takes Tons of Support to Build StoneFest!

“Cornerstone Contributors”

Our goal is to share the expenses of this educational event with four primary financial sponsors that would donate $2,000 each to the general production fund. Four contributors at the $2000.00 level would meet approximately 25% of our budget. We invite our Cornerstone Contributors or their company representatives to participate in StoneFest as our guests, free of charge. (Fundraising goal: $8,000)

“Mastering the Cause”

A $1000.00 donation contributes towards the travel and accommodation expenses associated with bringing one of our featured presenters. “Master” contributors will receive one full time registration FREE!!! Come to StoneFest and witness this event yourself! (fundraising goal: $4,000)

“Lunch for the Bunch”

An $800.00 donation supports one of four lunches for the group. Lunch is catered onsite so that we can keep the group together, create a level of camaraderie and keep working! (Fundraising goal: $3200.00 total)

“Journey-ing men”

It takes a journey even for a local journeyman (or woman). A $500.00 donation helps sponsor our Northwest presenter’s travel costs, stipend or accommodation (goal: $4,000.00 total)

“The Free-Mason”

The StoneFest “ON TRACK” Scholarship program has been initiated in memory of David P.Miller. Donations received expressly for this will go into a private account managed by Scott Hackney and Alexandra Morosco. Any amount will assist participants with tuition, related travel costs, or offer a full scholarship. The rate for one full time tuition is $495.00, Single day rate is $150.00, a Lunch is $20.00. The Feast is $50.00. Any amount is welcome! Our goal is to annually offer, at a minimum, one full scholarship to a participant in each field of sculpture, architectural carving/lettering and masonry. Support emerging talent as well as the future of the natural stone industry!

“Lithos in Leaf”

Assist with the specific expenses associated with printing, advertisement, brochures, mailing and posters. A $100 donation helps share the word! (fundraising goal: $3,000)

“Bank for a Banker”
Small donations add up and contribute towards general production, building of bankers and worksite areas, mortar, stone, tools, tent rentals, etc. Even A $25.00 donation helps keep the wheels greased and moving!(fundraising goal: $625.00)


Thank you for your support and participation in StoneFest!

Checks should be paid to: Marenakos Rock Center
with the exception of scholarship donations,
which should be paid to “StoneFest”.


Marenakos Rock Center • PO Box 478 • Preston WA 98050
Alexandra Morosco 360.579.2591
Scott Hackney 206.200.7510