StoneFest 2008 Details

StoneFest ‘08 Program Schedule

September 17, Wednesday
8:00-9:00 sign in/registration
9:00-12:30 Orientation, team & instructor introductions and project descriptions
Masons: set up and get started with Patrick McAfee and Bobby Watt
Sculpture/Lettering/Architectural carvers: David, Alex, and Peig, will assist in set up for participants.
Sabah, John, Karin, Peter: acquaint with carvers and work on projects
11:00-12:00 Tool Talk for beginners. Hand tools for both masonry and carving.Randy Potter, Alexandra Morosco, Trow and Holden Co.
12:30 Lunch- Not just spuds! A nod to our UK confluence.
1:00-5:00 Projects continue Tracts overlap and run concurrently throughout the day: each will cover basic layout principals accordingly. Instructors give introductory talks; carvers and masons have option to continue working after lunch ‘till 5 pm.
3:00-5:00 Richard Rhodes offers first of three in his lecture series. “Stone Specification”
4:30-5:00 clean up in yard
September 18, Thursday
9:00 begin all tracts
10:00-10:30 pitching, tracing and splitting with Randy Potter, Trow and Holden Co.
10:45-11:15 Specialty Tools for Lettering and Architectural carving; Sprague, Andrusko, Potter
11:30 Know what’s in your mud: Mortar talk with Bobby Watt.
12:30 Lunch-  Hungary for lunch??…Hats off to Andrusko!
1:15-4:30 Projects continue after lunch through 4:30 pm for those who wish to keep working during talks.
3:00-5:00 Richard Rhodes Lecture Series #2; “The Sacred Rules of Freemasonry”
5:00-5:30 happy hour followed by…
5:30-7:30 Richard Rhodes Lecture Series #3;“The Grain of Stone: Implications of Design and Fabrication”
September 19, Friday
9:00-12:30 All Projects continue Work on the Drystone Bridge w/ Patrick and Bobby. Learn traditional methods of squaring stone and working with mortar.
Sabah and John Fisher will continue to carve figurative sculptures and offer 1-2 talks/day
Sculpture assistance w/ David Miller
At the easels & on the bankers practicing lettering, monument and architectural design with Peter, Karin, and Keith
10:00 Tool Talk-Sculpture. Pneumatics Randy Potter, Trow and Holden Co.
12:30 Lunch- curry up, don’t be late…lunch in honor of Sabah!
1:15-2:00 A/V presentation: Peter Andrusko, Karin Sprague
2:00-5:00 Projects/workshops continue
4:00-5:00 A/V presentation:  A poignant profile: screening of short film, “My Saarab” and talk with featured guest sculptor, Sabah  Al-Dhaher.
September 20, Saturday
9:00-12:30 Projects continue…
9:30 Tool maintenance & repair- Randy Potter, Tow and Holden Co.
Sculpture instruction and assistance w/ Morosco, David Miller
12:30 Lunch, honoring Giovanni Pescatori!
1:30-2:30 A/V talk: The John Fisher Story; Italy and beyond
2:30-4:00 Wrap up on bridge project
4:30 round table closing thoughts with all instructors at the bridge
5:00 clean up and head to dinner!

Dinner and evening venues will be recommended daily, but are not sponsored by Marenakos as part of StoneFest.
Changes in schedule may occur to best suit the needs of the event, or unforeseen circumstances.
Refunds will not be given due to program changes or instructor substitutes.

Marenakos Rock Center

Welcomes you to StoneFest ’08

Dear Participant,

Thank you for registering for STONEFEST ’08! Plan on having a great time while absorbing information in like a sponge. The following should answer most questions that you may have, if you create more on your own that are not addressed here, please make up your own answers but let us know what they are!! Regardless, We will accommodate you as best we possibly can!


Marenakos Rock Center- Preston
30250 S.E. High Point Way Preston (Issaquah) Wa. 98050
Take Exit 22 off the I-90, turn north off exit over freeway, to stop sign.
Take a left at the stop sign, and an immediate right at our driveway.

What time does StoneFest start/end? Wednesday the 17th

our first day we encourage you to arrive between 8 and 9 am to complete registration and get oriented to make the most of our day. Otherwise we will begin our days at 9 am. The stone yard regularly opens at 7:30 we’ll be there to get things started early.

We wrap up by about 5pm daily with the exception of Thursday evening
We have a special happy hour with snacks at 5 pm followed by a presentation by Richard Rhodes, which we encourage you to stay for that will run till about 7:30 pm. The Rhodes’ presentations are an AIA accredited lecture series.
A schedule of our days is also enclosed, but may change slightly as necessary.

What do I need to bring?
Everything you know.
Mostly, bring a big spirit and lots of ambition! Bring your favorites, Bring Tools! Masonry tools, carving tools…. benches, bankers, trowels, squares, measuring tapes, red pencils, stools or fold up chairs for breaks,talks or lunch are good to have. Layered clothes for sure. power tools are ok, but we try to limit the amount of grinding just for grinding sake… bring extension cords, etc. There will be some Trow and Holden tools onsite for demonstration and both masonry and carving tools available for purchase.

What should I leave home?
Everything you know.
Also, Please leave your dog, cat, yak, ego, and flask home. No matter your experience, remember we are all beginners in some ways with a lot to offer in a multitude of ways.

Will I work on site?

We hope! You are welcome to come and set, chip, pitch, point, mud and carve to be a part of an amazing learning and building process. If you prefer to learn and contribute from the sidelines, that will be welcome too! We encourage the stone carvers to bring a NEW block, or buy a stone onsite. Work that emerges during an event is dynamic and exciting to see the initial unfoldings. However, if you want help on an in-process piece, bring it along for consultation from one of the instructors or fellow participants. Challenge yourself to create in a few days, but also come and learn through watching and studying other areas of the stone trades. Many carvers do not actually carve, but simply learn throughout the day of talks and hand on demonstrations.

What will I do?
 Leave beautiful craftsmanship behind and become part of a community for your future road ahead…. “When we build, let us remember that we build forever…”  (Ruskin)
Both carvers and masons will have a chance to work side by side some amazing talents in their given field. The drystone bridge project will take focused energy and efficiency and will invite those with experience to assist newcomers to the field. Stone Carvers, John and Sabah will carve on their own work, and will share in talks as well as one on one consultation.

Do I need previous experience to work on a project?
NO! We love and embrace newbies! Come without hesitation and by the end of the four days, you will never have “no experience” working with stone again!

Who else will be there?
In addition to the stellar people listed in the brochure there will also be your hosts Scott Hackney, Bill Hyde and many of the Marenakos team in and out throughout the whole event assisting and learning right with you. Fellow participants will include stone carvers,stone masons, wallers, architects, landscape designers, or those who simply love stone and want to learn how to work it more!

I am a stone carver; can I plan on carving?
YES!! The fabrication shop and surrounding area will accommodate the carvers and letter cutting easels, so we will have room for carvers to set up workbenches and do some carving on site. Carving stone will be available on site for sale. We recommend more hand and pneumatics tools and will limit the use of grinders due to dust and noise. Bring your own workbench, airlines and ext. cords as needed.

I am a professional mason, where do I fit?
Those who have been setting stone for years will be greatly valued, as well as surprised how much they come away with themselves. This year Pat McAfee will be organizing a drystone bridge built in a four day period, so we will welcome those with existing knowledge and resources.

Can you recommend some places in the area to eat? Will there be lunch on site?
We will have a catered lunch daily Wed-Saturday served around 12:30. Water, coffee, etc will be available throughout the day. We have vegetarian options for lunch, but not necessarily vegan, or specialty so if you have a special diet, please come prepared to assure your own health and comfort. Bring extra snacks as you need. Breakfast and dinner is not included in your registration fee. There are many great restaurants nearby in Issaquah for dinner, we have a few chosen for meeting places each night which will be passed out at lunch daily.

Where do I park my rig?
pull up front and unload your stuff at the fabrication shop. Then park at the SANMAR parking lot behind Marenakos stoneyard. You can walk through a gate back behind the basalt columns, look for signage…


Alexandra Morosco, StoneFest Director at:


9am – 6pm daily

For other Marenakos inquiries and registration details contact:





Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce155 NW Gilman Blvd, 392-7024
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